Professional Selling Skills (PSS)

The sales seminar “Professional Selling Skills” teaches salespeople critical communication skills needed to help customers make an informed buying decision.


Professional Selling Skills® provides an effective and flexible approach to learning, applying, evaluating, and continuously improving the skills that result in strong customer relationships.

Building on the selling skills and strategies that have benefited more than 3 million sales professionals around the world, the programme has components that work together to improve sales performance and help you compete effectively in the marketplace. The components are designed to provide you with a variety of training delivery options and to address all the elements required for training to produce a return on your sales development investment.

Salespeople develop the face-to-face selling skills needed to promote an open exchange of information and reach mutually beneficial sales agreements.

In the Opening section, participants will learn how to effectively open calls in a positive and productive way.

In the Probing section, participants will learn how to use effective questions to gather information and build a clear, complete, mutual understanding of a customer’s needs.

In the Supporting section, participants will examine how to provide information that helps the customer make an informed buying decision.

In the Closing section, participants learn to recognize when a customer is prepared to move ahead in the sales cycle.

In the Connective Skills section, participants will learn how conversational skills can demonstrate listening and keep a sales call mutual throughout.

In the Addressing Indifference section, participants will explore the reasons why customers may not express needs when they are indifferent and learn how to respond.

In the Resolving Customer Concerns section, participants will learn to recognize, differentiate, and resolve the three main types of customer concerns: scepticism, misunderstandings, and drawbacks.

With Professional Selling Skills®, your salespeople will succeed by helping your customers succeed. They’ll acquire the skills and competencies that will set them— and your organisation—apart from the competition.

Targets and usages

Your salespeople will:

  • Gain the skills critical to developing solid business relationships while improving sales performance.
  • Increase their long-term effectiveness by becoming knowledgeable business consultants.
  • Acquire critical skills efficiently through learnerfocused activities.
  • Gain a reliable method for continually evaluating and improving skill development.

Your customers will profit from:

  • Lasting relationships with salespeople who understand their business reality.
  • Products that address their specific organisational and personal needs.
  • Buying decisions that are based on fact, not highpressure sales tactics.



Introduction & Overview; Need Satisfaction Selling; Customer Needs, Call Planning, Collaborative Techniques


Open and Respond to Indifference




Debrief & Summary


Resolve Concerns; Types of Concerns


Resolve Concerns (cont.)


Close; All Skills Practice


All Skills Practice (cont.); Action Planning; Debrief & Summary


"I learned a lot and was able to succesfully apply the acquired know-how within everyday life and business. Bravo!"


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06.09.21 - 09.09.21 Virtual TrainingWEBFrench
1645,- EURBook Now

09.09.21 - 10.09.21 Virtual TrainingWEBEnglish
1645,- EURBook Now

09.09.21 - 10.09.21 Virtual TrainingWEBEnglish
1340,- GBPBook Now

13.09.21 - 16.09.21 Virtual TrainingWEBGerman
1645,- EURBook Now

11.10.21 - 12.10.21 -NLEnglish
1645,- EURBook Now

12.10.21 - 13.10.21 Milton KeynesGBEnglish
1340,- GBPBook Now

08.11.21 - 09.11.21 Milton KeynesGBEnglish
1340,- GBPBook Now

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