Strategic Selling / Conceptual Selling Combined

Strategic Selling® helps organisations develop comprehensive strategies to win sales opportunities. Conceptual Selling® Customer-Focused Interactions programme provides a simple, repeatable structure that should be considered essential for anyone who interacts with customers.


Strategic Selling ®
Strategic Selling® significantly improves the odds of winning complex sales opportunities. It gives organisations a common process and language for pursuing sales opportunities and criteria for allocating resources to determine when to walk away from resource-intensive deals with a low probability of success. Organisations will have the tools to help salespeople focus time and energy on those opportunities most likely to become profitable, long-term customers.

Conceptual Selling®
Every interaction with a customer is too important to leave to chance. Conceptual Selling® Customer-Focused Interactions help salespeople better prepare for their time with customers. Using the popular Green Sheet tool (now called Meeting Plan), organisations gain a framework to view the sale from the customer's perspective, build credibility, and create collaborative Win-Win solutions.


"...the finest high-level training programme I've ever seen. It's efficient, professional, a mini-MBA in how to sell."


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