Strategic Selling Coaching

Strategic Selling® Coaching provides organizations with a powerful way to support their overall strategy to reinforce consistent and proper application of the Strategic Selling® process. This programme offers a mentor perspective with the objective of guiding team members in the ongoing use of the tools provided in Strategic Selling®.


Strategic Selling® Coaching helps those who have leadership responsibilities that include opportunity collaboration and pursuit, sales operations, and coaching. Participants will work with a Miller Heiman Group expert to detail the right method for analyzing Blue Sheets. They will also develop strategies to emphasize the value of using a common sales process and language for the sales team and the rest of the organization. This advanced course provides best practices and additional tools for coaching and for conducting review sessions to ensure Red Flags and Strengths within the sale are uncovered.

This programme offers participants a way to develop individual coaching plans to increase the use and effectiveness of the Strategic Selling® tools and processes. This coaching session will reveal how thoroughly the team has adopted concepts into their every day sales practices.

Strategic Selling® Coaching may be the right solution if your company is trying to:

  • Implement on-going reinforcement of the Strategic Selling® process.
  • Improve comprehension of the programme concepts.
  • Increase consistent use of the Blue Sheet tool.
  • Enhance the value of Blue Sheets with one salesperson or the entire team.
  • Reinforce the selling behaviors and activities that move sales opportunities through the funnel.

*Strategic Selling® is a prerequisite for this programme.

Targets and usages

Provides field sales with:

  • Consistent coaching and reinforcement of the concepts, terminology and process within Strategic Selling®.


Who Should Attend:

Any member of the organization responsible for ensuring the adoption and utilization of the Strategic Selling® process or who acts as a mentor to other salespeople.


“It has really helped me be more involved in the sales process of my managers. I am able to work with them on their accounts and help them grow their business.” 


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