Strategic Selling with Perspective

Strategic Selling® with Perspective provides the necessary skills for your sales organisation to develop comprehensive sales strategies in a complex sales environment. 


Strategic Selling® with Perspective provides visibility into sales opportunities, documenting plans with the programme’s Blue Sheet. This involves first identifying all key players in the customer’s organisation, understanding each player’s degree of influence and their reasons for buying, and uncovering essential information. Salespeople and organisations will be equipped to evaluate their competitive position, address the business and personal motives of each decision maker in the client organisation, and differentiate their company by leveraging its unique strengths.

Strategic Selling® with Perspective significantly improves the odds of winning complex sales opportunities. It gives organisations a common process and language for pursuing sales opportunities and criteria for allocating resources to determine when to walk away from resource-intensive deals with low probabilities of success. The key to success is learning how to focus time and energy on those opportunities most likely to become profitable, long-term customers.

Strategic Selling® with Perspective may be the right solution if your company is trying to:

  • Secure approval from multiple decision makers.
  • Navigate the internal bureaucracy of customers and prospects.
  • Gain more visibility into the status of important sales opportunities.
  • Allocate resources appropriately for large sales.
  • Improve team collaboration to pursue strategic opportunities.
  • Forecast revenue with greater accuracy.
  • Increase close rates for opportunities with long sales cycles.

Targets and usages

Enable field sales to:

  • Identify and position solutions with the true decision makers.
  • Analyse each decision maker’s receptivity to change to determine whether a sale is possible.
  • Close business consistently from quarter to quarter and avoid the “roller coaster” pattern of sales.
  • Allocate limited selling time on quality prospects.


Who Should Attend?

Any member of the organization involved in selling, from field salespeople to senior management to sales support, should be involved in the implementation of your sales process. Using a common sales process is an effective way to collaborate among those who are in direct and indirect sales roles to improve the speed and accuracy of communication about sales opportunities.



Introduction, Changes, Workshop: Changes, Strengths and red flags, Single sales target, Workshop: Single sales target


Euphoria to panic, Workshop: Euphoria to panic, the purchase influencers, workshop: purchase influencers, degree of influence, workshop: role and influence degree of buying influencers


Attitude of purchase influencers, Workshop: attitudes, review purchase influencers, Workshop: reviews, I win / You Win, win results, Workshop: Winning Results


How to get to decision makers?, Workshop: How to get to decision makers?, Tasks for the evening, Overview Day II


Questions Day I and Day Overview II, Competition, Workshop: Competition, ideal customer profile, Workshop: ideal customer profile, the sales funnel, Workshop: The Sales Funnel


Blue Sheet Group work, debriefing and Reconciliation, Conceptual Selling


“I was able to immediately put the methodology to use in developing a sales strategy for a significant opportunity. Using Strategic Selling® with Perspective, I was able to clearly assess the customer’s needs and tailor a solution that addressed those needs in a win-win formula.”


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26.10.21 - 27.10.21 Milton KeynesGBEnglish
1485,- GBP

01.11.21 - 02.11.21 Virtual TrainingWEBEnglish
1485,- GBP

01.11.21 - 02.11.21 Virtual TrainingWEBEnglish
1850,- EUR

17.11.21 - 18.11.21 ParisFRFrench
1850,- EUR

23.11.21 - 24.11.21 Milton KeynesGBEnglish
1485,- GBP

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