Channel Partner Management

Make the most of the potential of indirect sales channels: Channel Partner Management provides the basis for a profitable cooperation with channel partners. 


Channel Partner Management facilitates strategy alignment for organisations that go to market through an indirect channel. Organisations will gain a process to define goals, minimize vulnerabilities, and establish commitments. This programme offers a method for prioritizing channel partners based on the potential of the partnership and for aligning objectives for enhanced performance.

Satisfying mutual business objectives requires an understanding of each party’s key area of focus and unique strengths. This programme helps organizations validate and commit to the programmes that accomplish desired objectives and optimize both parties’ investment in the partnership.

Channel Partner Management may be the right solution if your company is trying to:

  • Improve consistent commitment from your business partners.
  • Grow revenue from partners not currently meeting expectations.
  • Increase return on investment of resources allocated to a partner.
  • Turn enhanced visibility into opportunities brought forward by partners.
  • Maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of channel relationships.

Ziele und Nutzen

Enable field sales to:

  • Analyse the current status of relationships to identify discrepancies and develop a shared vision with partners.
  • Align members of the selling team with their counterparts in partner organizations to improve communication and collaboration.
  • Learn to set clearly defined sales and relationship goals with measurable results.


    Who Should Attend?

    Any member of the organization involved in distribution or channel partner management. This includes sales and sales management as well as post-sales support such as customer service, logistics, and IT. Any department that will have an ongoing relationship with your partners can help advance the customer relationship by implementing the process.


    DAY 1


    Overview - The central question: Why the conventional approach of "Channel relationship" is not sufficient overview of the Channel Models
    You agree voices with their partners in the assessment - compliance with the focus? Relationship from your perspective and your Channel Partners; Channel focus Matrix


    Workshop to focus compliance: compliance of Channel Relationship
    Missing information: strengths and red flags
    Assessment of the situation: key people, trends, opportunities, strategic strengths, weaknesses


    Workshop to review situation
    Statement to Channel Partnership, determine your business, use of strengths


    Objectives of the partnership: defining strategic objectives, maximization of trends & opportunities, achievement of the objectives of your channelpartnership statements
    Introduction to Sales & Support Program: Sales Funnel
    Tasks for the evening

    DAY 2

    Review day 1 / Overview day 2

    Workshop on the sales and support programs: tactics to achieve these goals, how I can my channel partners during the sales process support Resistant
    ROI maximization Channel: How do I achie my sales goals, How do I get a commitment to sales and sales targets of my channel partners, determining the actual ROI of Channel Programs


    Continued: ROI maximization
    Platinum Sheet Workshop
    Implementation, workshop assessment, summary


    “As a result of the programme, I have a better understanding of the positioning of our products, the channel and their staff.”


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