Negotiate Success

This programme improves your salespeople’s skills to lead conversations and negotiations with customers in a way that they always achieve a mutually beneficial win-win result. 


The joint-venture approach builds trusting relationships with customers and strengthens the company’s position for future opportunities. Negotiate Success provides a process to recognize and acknowledge both parties’ perspectives to jointly create agreements that satisfy all critical interests.

Negotiate Success may be the right solution if your company is trying to:

  • Avoid difficult negotiations that damage client relationships.
  • Identify additional sales opportunities within client organizations by gaining more knowledge of the customer’s goals.
  • Offer valued solutions without succumbing to discount pressures.
  • Determine acceptable prices with customers before the final stages of a sale.

Ziele und Nutzen

Enable field sales to:

  • Better identify options and alternatives to satisfy interests of the customer and the selling organization.
  • Counter manipulative tactics which may be used in complex negotiations and return to a win-win customer interaction.
  • Increase preparation and planning of meetings where items will be negotiated.


    Who Should Attend?

    Any member of the organization responsible for ensuring the adoption and utilization of the Strategic Selling® process or who acts as a mentor to other salespeople.


    DAY 1

    Introduction, Khelli Essence case study


    Components of a negotiation: Sale vs. negotiate, Why the process is important, red flags & strengths, purchase influencers & degree of influence in the negotiation environment
    Focus on the target of negotiations
    ICON negotiating framework: interest, criteria


    Continued: ICON negotiating framework, options, no-agreement alternatives (alternatives in disagreement)
    ICON call


    Negotiation Strategy in Action, negotiate with yourself, summary of day 1, tasks for the evening

    DAY 2

    Summary of day 1 and day 2 overview
    Continued: Negotiation strategy in action (Dig & Develop, Decide)


    Show Me the Truth case study


    ICON Scorecard
    Respond / responses to tactics and challenging situations


    Program Summary, consultation and consideration


    “The example I used in the workshop was a real world example and I was able to reach an agreement with the other party in part due to what I learned in the session.”


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